Menachem Halberstadt is in the House!

Menachem Halberstadt is an extraordinarily talented artist with an equally extraordinary portfolio. He is the hidden painter behind the art from Season One of the hit Netflix show, Shtisel. One of Shtisel’s main characters, Akiva (played by Michael Aloni), is a budding artist and the first season sees him explore his creativity and grow as a painter. From the very beginning of production on the show, Halberstadt assisted Aloni in his depiction of an artist, from how to hold a pencil to proper stance while painting. 

Outside of his work with Shtisel, Halberstadt creates cartoons and illustrations for children’s books. Most recently, he published “משהו אחד ולישון”, “One Last Thing” (2021). However, what makes Halberstadt stand out is his ability to work in various genres of art. The artist behind cartoons and light-hearted books also creates incredible digital and oil paintings. His art has been consistently exhibited since 2014 and can be seen on both his Instagram page and at Leviim Jewish Art Gallery, where we are currently featuring a selection of his paintings. We invite you to 271 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn NY to see this wonderful art with your very own eyes. Until then, please take a look at a selection of his artwork down below.