Igal Fedidyah

I am fascinated by the insights I get about the artistic process of each artist- what drives them to paint, how they get their inspiration, in what way their spirituality is reflected in their paintings. Nobody explains it better than Israeli painter Igal Fedida.

I started looking into Igal’s work many years ago, after one of our buyers noticed his work at Art Expo-New York. She was not looking for Jewish art, but could not help to notice his work and recommended me to look him-up. We started a dialogue that ended in bringing his work to Toronto for the first time.

In Igal’s own words: “ I do not plan what I paint, I could close my eyes and some unseen force will drive my brush and when I am finished, I open my eyes in awe of what present was given to me” and for those who are familiar with his abstract style, it is indeed a great present for the viewer. It challenges us to think, to perceive, to reach inside and read our emotions when presented with the images.

“I believe that just as G-d holds a bank of souls that are to be sent to the earth in a form of new lives throughout the eternity, G-d holds in the same way a bank of divine images that are meant to be given to us mortals through channels called artists”

Igal’s style is influenced by the Abstract Expressionism School of Art of the 1950’s. He experiments with different materials like roofing tar, plaster, enamels, wood floor stains, polyurethane and resin which he uses to create paintings on canvas, aluminum and wood surfaces. He also works on watercolor paper creating mini-originals that are very popular in our gallery.

Art & Soul is proud to present Igal’s work inTorontowith some of his “Bereishit” series of original canvases and “Otiyot” series of mini-originals on paper. They make a modern statement on traditional Jewish texts, the old and the new in perfect combination.