Eden Chouraki

Eden Chouraki studied at the Louvre and the Guimet Museum where she learned Asian art. She is above all a poetess who expresses her prose at the rhythm of the sun, from the rising to the setting, for to her art is not an expression but life itself. Poems, compositions, sculptures and paintings are for her the facets of a transcendental truth, that of the divine presence.

The paintings of Eden Chouraki have something profoundly moving. There is a pleasant sensation of the fit between its abstract themes and the elementary, instinctive trait.
These are paintings of conception and not demimitation because the likelihood, the forms, Prospects and colors are of no importance to her, provided her world of mysteries remains safe.

The painted gesture, according to her, can only be instinctual for the twofold reason that the image, whether one likes it or not, contaminates the mind and that, although it is represented, the human eye will see only what the Flesh will allow him to see.