Elena Flerova

Born in 1943 in Moscow, USSR, Flerova was surrounded by the arts- her father worked as an artist-designer and her mother was a theater director and teacher. She attended the Surikov Fine Arts Institute in 1969, graduating with honors. Afterwards, Flerova would be granted a scholarship to the National Academy of Fine Arts, a highly exclusive school.

She would go on to receive the Silver Medal from the USSR Academy of the Arts in 1972 and the Silver Medal from the VDNH USSR in 1973. Thanks to her achievements, she was welcomed into the Artist’s Union of the USSR in 1976 and in 2007 became an honorary member of the Russian Academy of the Arts. 

Flerova’s paintings are also some of the most frequently replicated and knocked-off, a clear demonstration of her impact, skill, and talent.

“Absolutely museum quality,” says Isaac I., a collector of Flerova’s work. “…portrayed Jewish life in the most realistic way.”

His comments could not be truer: her mastery of the realism genre, the light and shadow and the paint itself create an honest glimpse into the scenes she painted. She also demonstrated an immense talent for painting in her technique- there was no sketch, no planning. She went straight for the canvas. 

Not only did she paint incredible pieces, she was also an award-winning children’s book author. She won the first prize at the international competition “HERSTORY” in 2000

“One of the greatest Judaica artists of the century,” says Moshe Frank of the Leviim Jewish Art Gallery, located in the Brooklyn, NY.

There are major collections of her artwork all around the world and Flerova’s work has been featured in over 80 international exhibitions worldwide.