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The Leviim Judaica Art
Gallery Of Brooklyn


The Leviim Art Gallery is a beautiful art gallery located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. We have hundreds of paintings featuring a cavalcade of Judaica art and works painted by Jewish artists. We source new inventory weekly directly from the artists, removing the middle man and so called art dealers – bringing you the best art at bedrock prices. Many of our artists use our website and gallery as a platform to display their newest and greatest works, benefiting you the people! Please have a look at some of our incredible artists and artwork!

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We house dozens of incredible & talented up and coming artists in our brooklyn based gallery

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Please have a look at some of their wonderful work.

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Browse our artwork by category! Landscapes, Israeli Art, Brooklyn Based, Rabbis, All Judaica!

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We will ship to you anywhere in the world, with our guaranteed low prices & satisfaction.

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Located in Crown Heights of Brooklyn, we are incredibly situated for a personal tour.

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Learn more about who we are and the Leviim Art Gallery of Brooklyn

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The Leviim Judaica Art
Gallery Of Brooklyn

The Leviim Art Gallery has been featured in publications around the world, from Israel to the Tri-State Area! We can do home showings or ship directly to you, whether you are located in Brooklyn or Boznia! We are also expert appraisers, if you have art that you would like us to purchase or finance. Our Artwork is beautiful and prices to sell, please don’t hesitate to browse our art or get in touch with us directly.

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