Wise Words From Moshe Frank

Originally posted on Linkedin:

Should you invest in Judaica art?

So conservatively, you should only invest in blue chip artists that will probably only go up.

Like, Holtz, Kleinman, Huvy, Flerova, Kauffman, Rubin and Lieberman.

Most of these artists are deceased, so supply will not affect their markets.

You just have to be aware, art isn’t liquid.

You need to find a buyer to sell, to realize it’s full value, you need to wait for a buyer at a profit.

If you need cash today, you will often not get the full value, as with all asset classes.

If your looking for crazy returns quickly, it ain’t happening in art.

Unless, you buy a self storage unit in a auction, and there are a couple of Picassos in it.

What do you think?