Does a Jewish art print have any value on the secondary market?

By Moshe Frank, Leviim Jewish Art Gallery

Does a Jewish art print have any value?

The simple answer is no.

Unless you classify Chagal as Jewish art.

We did a house call yesterday.

The seller had five signed framed lithographs for sale.

I offered her ten dollars each.

She said I was low balling her.

I then called five other art dealers on speakerphone, so the seller could hear the conversation.

As expected, they all said they wouldn’t even offer the seller $1.

However, if you sell it on Ebay or a gallery, you may find a buyer.

In summary, if your looking for a art investment, buy original.

If your just looking to decorate your house, buy a print.

But good luck reselling it.

Abbey Wollin
Abbey Wollin