Ten Jewish Arists, which values have skydived

By Moshe Frank, Leviim Jewish Art Gallery

Ten jewish artists whose values skydived recently.

Although Jewish art can be a great investment, nothing is definite.

Trends have big impact on values.

Dark and depressing subjects your grandparents had on their walls, end up in the thrift shop.

Here is a list of jewish artists, that values dropped considerably.

1.) Tully Filmus
2.) Samuel Rothbart
3.) Emmanuel Snitkosky
4.) Michael Glazer
5.) Michael Gettman
6.) Morris Katz
7.) Chaim Goldberg
8.) Yaakov Agam (most prints)
9.) Saul Raskin
10.) Zalman Kleinman non judaica art.

This list reflects recent private sales and auctions.

Tully Filmus, Jewish Art