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When a artists dies, does the painting sky rocket?

Does the artist have to die, for the value of a painting to appreciate?

This idea isn’t a hundred percent true.

Living artists Jeff Koons painting recently sold for ninety million dollars at Christies auction house.

And hes alive and well. (Very well after that sale).

The advantage of a deceased artist is, there is no more supply to effect the market.

Legendary artist Morris Katz, sold for thousands when he was alive, now they can be picked up at the local thrift shop for $5

So, the point is, there is usually less risk investing in a deceased artist. But the upside opportunity isn’t there.

The advantage of a living artist is, more affordable and trendy.

So for your modern living space, you would probably want to hang a contemporary peice.

In addition, when you purchase a painting from a artist you know, there is a certain emotional connection to it.

In summary, living artists paintings values are riskier and more affordable.

If the artists died, dosent reflect value

In the right conditions, they are more predictable in value.

By Moshe Frank, Leviim Jewish Art Gallery