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Does a Jewish Artist need a gallery?

By Moshe Frank, Leviim Jewish Art Gallery

Does a Jewish artist need a gallery to be successful?

Now more than ever, artists do not need galleries.

With websites and social media, you can get a lot accomplished without them.

It used to be the only point of distribution for art work.

Regardless of social media, clients feel a certain sense of comfort and trust, when they purchase a painting from a gallery.

Established galleries can afford to trade or buyback paintings. (There are a few artists that can, as well)

Galleries are more discerning when it comes to featuring a artist.

They are curators.

When you see art in a gallery, it is the outcome of hundreds of submissions of different artists, and these were selected.

In addition, its a reflection of trending art.

However, if you cannot get your work into a art gallery, its 2019, and social media is your best friend.

Or, open your own gallery.

With retail vacancies high, and build out for a gallery can be cheap, you can find creatives ways to make it work.

inside leviim jewish art gallery
inside leviim jewish art gallery