Inspired by Flerova

How to discover the next Picasso before they get too expensive?

By Moshe Frank, Leviim Jewish Art Gallery

How to spot a up and coming Picasso?

A frequent question we get from people walking into our gallery, “who is the next Picasso?”

If we would know, we wouldn’t tell you and buy all of them up ourselves….

But here are ten ideas I thought of that are good indicators.

1.) Known art collectors already bought from this artist.

2.) You discovered the art and bought it before you knew who it was.

3.) Reputable galleries are selling it.

4.) The artist dosen’t change his prices, based on his financial situation.

5.) Businesses are using the images for commercial use.

6.) Strong social media following and activity.

7.) Artist is a relatable person, to some degree. 🙂

8.) How the paintings are selling on the secondary market.

9.) A honest artist.

10.) How fast they are selling. Shelf life.

These are some ideas.

But, the safest art investment, is when you love the painting.

The ROI is every second you look at it.

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