Menashe Kadishman

How does a new artist launch their career?

By Moshe Frank, Leviim Jewish Art Gallery

How does a artist launch their career?

We field many calls a month at our jewish art gallery from artists, wanting to sell their art.

These are some tips, all new artists should think about.

1.) Show your art in as many places as possible. E.g. street, school, place of worship, restaurants, art fairs, flea markets, anyplace that has a lot of foot traffic.

2.) Build up a huge social media following.

3.) Try to get into a gallery. Send them your images.

4.) Get press coverage.

5.) Make a website.

6.) Make sure your website is SEO friendly.

7.) Collaborate with other social media influencers.

8.) Send free art to famous people.

9.) Keep your prices firm and affordable.

10.) Be very nice to your customers and galleries. They dont need you that much.

The main objective is, to get brand awareness.

Then you win.

I hope these tips are helpful, to your art career journey.

Its very difficult.

But worth it.


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