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The Leviim Judaica Jewish Art Gallery of Brooklyn

We offer home and office visits at the The Leviim Judaica Art Gallery of Brooklyn.

The Leviim Judaica Art Gallery of Brooklyn was founded over two years ago to fill the niche of selling affordable Jewish art and showcasing new Judaica artists who do not have a platform or voice. We are located on Kingston Avenue in Brooklyn, New York in Crown Heights. We buy and sell all types of art primarily Judaica. We have hundreds of paintings from across the world and north america featuring over 30 artists. We source new inventory weekly directly from the artists thus removing the middle man, providing you with the most affordable price.

We can schedule home & office visits if you are located in the Tri-State area and we also deliver and ship to anywhere in the world. We also do art appraisals, or if you are an aspiring artist, we may be able to feature you in our gallery. Our founder Moshe Frank has been collecting art for over 10 years, he is a Levi and a poshuter Yid. We have launched many artists careers in our short and we are always sourcing and displaying new talent. We would love you to browse or purchase artwork through our website, or come visit us in Brooklyn! Feel free to reach out to us for all your Jewish art needs.

We are located at 271 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11213

Our Celebrity fans.

Modi, Simcha Leiner, Mendy Pellin, Zev Brenner, Yvette Clarke, Shmuley Boteach, Jonathan Greenstein, Avraham Fried, Rabbi Eli Mansour, Danielle Renov, Zev Markowitz, Shulem Lemmer, Jake Turx, Benny Friedman, Jesse Hamilton, Yehuda Green, Yoely Weiss, Fashion Isha, Busyinbrooklyn, Zusha, David Greenfield, French Twins, Yoni Z, Levi Robbins, Bentzy Marcus, Jake Turx, Yoeli Liebowitz, Eli Marcus, Kosher Guru, Simche Friedman, Levy Falkowitz

Simcha Leiner

Comedian Mendy Pellin

Mendy Pellin

Radio Talkhost Zev Brenner

Zev Brenner

Comedian Modi


Congresswoman Yvette Clarke

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Shmuley Boteach

Johnathan Greenstein

Jonathan Greenstein

Chassidic Superstar Avraham Fried

Avraham Fried

Syrian Rabbi Eli Mansour

Rabbi Eli Mansour

Singer Mordechai Shapiro

Mordechai Shapiro

Instagram Chef peaslovencarrots 

Peas Love and Carrots Danielle Renov

Ami White House News Corespondent Jake Turx

Jake Turx

Cantor Shulem Lemmer

shulem lemmer

Chassidic Singer Benny Friedman

Benny Friedman

Senator Jesse Hamilton

Senator Jesse Hamilton

Rabbi YY Schochet

Rabbi Y Y Schochet

Shmuel Marcus 8th day

Bentzion Marcus Eight Day

Singer Yoely Weiss

Yoely Weiss

Singer Eli Marucs

Eli Marcus

Social Media Star Meir Kay

Meir Kay

Instagram Star Kosher Guru

Kosher Guru

Comedian and Singer Yoeli Liebowitz

Yoeli Liebowitz

Rabbi Bentzion Klatzko

Rabbi Bentzion Klatzko

Singer Levi Robbins

Levi Robin

Singer Yoni Z

Yoni Z

Singer Yehuda Green

Yehuda Green

Instagram star fashionisha

Fashion Isha

Art Dealer Moshe Mendelichi

Moshe Mendelowitz

Art Dealer Zev Markowitz, Chai Art

Zev Markowitz

Celebrity Chef, Izzy Edelman of Izzys

Izzys Smokehouse

French Twins

French Twins

Councilman David Greenfield

David Greenfield


Zusha Band



Singers Simche Friedman and Levi Falkowitz

Simche Friedman and Levy Falkowitz at the leviim gallery


Video about us in our first location

Lipa Schmeltzer