How Much is My Charles Fazzino Worth??

Charles Fazzino is an American pop artist known for his silkscreen 3D pop art style. His art highlights urban landscapes, sporting events, and celebrities influenced from his native New York. Charles Fazzino recently created pieces with a Jewish theme and we are proudly featuring them in our gallery. We are buying Charles Fazzino pieces of all kinds for cash. Collectors have been enamored with his ability to capture so much detail in one frame with a dash of humor and an array of colors. Fazzino was raised by two artists and has become a world renown artist. His art is sold and exhibited in galleries across the globe.

How much is my charles fazzino worth

Fazzino’s three-dimensional creations are labor-intensive, they require a multi-layered process to complete. The artist begins with a flat drawing that is worked and re-worked for weeks or even months before the limited edition process even begins. The flat artwork is sent to a silkscreen printer who spends months hand-printing the flat fine art reproductions. The flat sheets return to Fazzino’s studio where more than 40 artists work under his direction, all by hand, to cut out the elements from cutout sheets and mount them onto heavier boards to create the 3D layered effect. Fazzino often equates the process of building up the layers of artwork to “layering it like a lasagna.” The 3D artworks are finished off by hand with glitter and Swarovski crystals.

It is worth anywhere from $500 to upwards of $5000
Here at the Leviim Art Gallery we buy and sell Charles Fazzino artwork of all shapes and sizes for cash on the spot! Stop by and say Hi!

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