Crown Heights Judaica Art Gallery

Moshe Frank opened a new gallery in Crown Heights specializing in Judaica art and using a small space on Kingston Ave.
By Chaim Samuels

It was a cold winter day in Brooklyn. I was on my way to a job interview when I noticed a commotion outside on the sidewalk. I had set out early that day so I decided to take a look.

I was surprised to see what appeared to be an art gallery, right here in Crown Heights!

For the next 20 minutes, my attention was held by the variety of paintings. A bride on her wedding day prayer book in hand. An oil on canvas of a beautiful forest. A lithograph of a 3 piece band.

Like chapters in a book, each painting telling a different part of a story. I was expressly captivated by the oil panting which hanged in the center right of the room. Family and friends gathered together on an evening, the moon shining bright as the stars start to appear in the sky.

Moshe Frank, the owner of the art gallery was especially helpful. Providing a comfortable atmosphere and assisting everyone with a big smile.

I am very happy to see local and professional art become a bigger part of my day to day life.

Crown Heights Judaica Art Gallery

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